3 good reasons to come to Remediation Day

26 februari 2018

There hasn't been an event where experts from the entire soil sector could meet in the Netherlands for a long time. Until last year. Bas Chiaradia, co-ordinator at PPS Pipelines, was there. Remediation Day 2017, the first edition. It turned out to be an exceptionally positive experience for Chiaradia. Positive to that extent, that he was one of the first persons to reserve his ticket for this year's edition on the 1st of March. He shared three good reasons why others should do the same.

1. Wider perspective
"In my current work at PPS I'm not involved in soil remediation in an implementing sense. And yet Remediation Day 2017 was very interesting for me, as a client. On days like this you learn all about the latest technologies and legislation. It brings you right up to date. Very useful in relation to my work, ánd it is also something I'm interested in personally. A gathering of colleagues from the sector who all look at projects from different angles. In this way you obtain a clear picture of how soil remediation is part of the development chain of an area."

2. Networking
"If you've been active in this sector for quite a while you are sure to meet some old acquaintances on Remediation Day 2018. That's the fun bit of it all: meeting people, the personal touch. This is also reflected in the enthusiasm of the organisers. It gives it just that little bit extra."

3. Differences between the Netherlands and Belgium
"This year, Remediation Day will take place in Mechlin, Belgium. Quite a drive, but I am convinced that this location will also tell me a bit more about the country. My work takes place in both the Netherlands and Belgium. This is why I'm curious about the differences in laws and regulations where our neighbouring country is concerned. What possibilities and limitations do the regulations allow for there? In short: I'm looking forward to Remediation Day, the second edition."

Did one of these reasons manage to convince you? If so, block Thursday the 1st of March in your calendar and take a trip to the Belgian city of Mechlin. You can reserve tickets for the annual Remediation Day online (click for registration form!). You will also find the programme there. Questions? Feel free to ask them via remediationday@hmvt.nl.

Date: Thursday 1 March 2018
Location: Lamot Conference and Heritage Centre, Mechlin, Belgium (Haverwerf – 2800)
Time: 9:00am to 6:00pm
program: click for download!
Ticket: €97

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