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16 februari 2018


 Download the program in PDF HERE.


Thursday 1st March 2018
Where:     Lamot Congres- en Erfgoedcentrum in Mechelen, Belgium (Haverwerf - 2800)

Morning program


Opening by Klaas de Jong (HMVT) en Christophe de Ganseman (WeGroSan/hmvt)

9:40-11:00 (Chair: Niels Slik - Arcadis)
Session 1: Promising innovative technologies

#Title presentationSpeakersCompany
1Spin® injection: a solution for accurate injection of reagents in heterogeneous soilsJeroen Van Den Bruwane & Hans BaillieulInjectis BVBA & Sodecon BVBA
2Pneumatic Pumps for DNAPL-Removal & Recovery of Tar Oil (DNAPL-Project)Jurgen BuhlCornelsen Umwelt. GmbH
3Hydro Optic Disinfection UV-technology (UV-HOD): A new way to create an Advanced Oxidation Process that can remove 90-95% of TCE and PCE in contaminated groundwaterMartin Bymose & Ronny RahbekDGE Group & Insatech
Constructed Wetlands for cost-effective and energy-efficient remediation of plumesNanne Hoekstra, Frank PelsDeltares & HMVT

11:00 - 11:10
Poster pitch by: Geotest, iFLUX, Regenesis, RSK Group & Ecologia Environmental.

Coffee break

11:30-13:00 (Chair: Eric de Zeeuw - Groundwater Technology)
Session 2: A closer look at several remediation technologies on-site

#Title presentationSpeakersCompany
"De Potterij": complex pollution of chlorinated solvents & white spirit in the city center of Mechelen. A challenge.Wim Kerstens & Tim CaersWeGroSan/hmvt & OVAM
6In-situ soil remediation LuxemburgJaap SchoonesStrukton
7Sustainable remediation site Blue Gate Antwerp

Jan Van Den Ouwelant & Wolf Depraetere

8HAEMERS Technologies' case study In-Situ treatment: Refinery in Gela - SiciliaJan HaemersHAEMERS Technologies


13:00-14:00 Lunch

Afternoon program

14:00-15:30 (Chair: Xavier De Clerck - Aclagro/NTP)
Session 3: Brownfield challenges

#Title presentation                                                 
9In-situ source zone remediation using electrical resistance heating on a project site – near Troyes, FranceAmy Wagner & Jack van RossumTRS Europe
10What can you do for 1,5 million? Urban redevelopment through implementation of new technologyAlbert Smits NTP Enviro
11 Anaerobic and anoxic in situ biochemical reductive remediation of chlorinated hydrocarbonsYvo VeenisGroundwater Technology
12Dynamic Groundwater Recirculation: A Strategy for Expedited Plume CleanupWouter GevaertsArcadis

15:30-16:00 Coffee break

16:00-17:00 (Chair: Rienk Geertsma - Mijnbasis)
Discussion session "The future of soil remediation in the eyes of our policymakers"

We have invited both the OVAM from Belgium and the Ministry of Infrastructure en Waterstate (I&W) from The Netherlands to talk about the future of soil remediation and policy trends in light of sustainability. Through a number of theses the audience is invited to engage in the discussion as to bridge the gap (if there is one) between policy and practical feasibility.

17:00-18:00 Drinks and Bites


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Remediation Day 2018


Lamot Congres- en Erfgoedcentrum Mechelen, Belgium (Haverwerf - 2800)

When:1st March 2018
Ticket price:97 Euro

For more info contact:

Klaas de Jong
T: +31(0)6-20406594

Download the program in PDF HERE.


Want to get an impression of our event? Please click the video below:

Here a few of the comments we got after Remediation Day 2017:

  • "An excellent opportunity to see people of the industry again and catch up. Useful information on different scope of projects. Also interesting to hear from suppliers of technologies and not just consultants and contractors"
  • "Open communication, presentation of the good but also less satisfying results. Contamination and remediation needs a long term perspective"
  • "The content was very interesting and relatively new techniques were presented. Also the follow-up of successful cases like TCE come in handy when you're looking for solutions. Furthermore there was a good mixture of contractors, suppliers and consultants, with whom I had a useful exchange of experiences. Especially the do's en don'ts"
  • "An interesting mix of subjects, good discussion session"

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