Chemical Industry

Working with chemicals requires a safe environment created by experienced experts. WeGroSan/hmvt is a reliable partner when it comes to providing liquid-tight floors in industrial halls and storage areas for various chemical substances. We also offer solutions for the drainage of liquids that may come into contact with these surfaces. You can rely on us for advice, implementation, and planned maintenance.

Protection and Handling

Chemical liquids and waste cannot be disposed of casually. A purification system on your premises is often desired or even mandatory. Together with the soil-protective surface, this forms a complete system that allows you to continue your business operations without worries. All these elements are part of WeGroSan/hmvt's service package.

Your trusted partner today and tomorrow

A soil protection solution is an ongoing project. It is essential to closely monitor the condition of a liquid-tight floor surface even after its implementation. WeGroSan/hmvt is ready to assist you with advice, implementation, and planned maintenance. This way, you can continue your business activities with peace of mind while we ensure the safety and protection of your premises.

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