Architectural firms

WeGroSan/hmvt is frequently involved with architectural firms in the design phase of various projects. Whether it's the construction of a complete energy hub or an industrial park where a portion of the floor surface needs to be liquid-tight for soil protection purposes, our advisors are ready to provide solutions from the start of a project.

From concept to reality

Over the past years, our team has proven to be a reliable partner for architects on diverse projects. This includes the realization of civil projects such as sports facilities and general paving, as well as industrial projects like tank farms and landfill sites. Our broad expertise can be of great value for various purposes.

Multifunctional knowledge partner

During the design phase, we offer versatile support. We assist architects in spatial planning, safety, sustainability, underground and aboveground infrastructure, and more. As a connecting partner, we can quickly coordinate between all stakeholders of a project and understand the importance of working in a time- and cost-efficient manner.

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