Insurance companies

When unforeseen contamination occurs, it is crucial to act quickly. WeGroSan/hmvt has been frequently called upon by insurance companies to take decisive action in the event of emergencies. The efficiency and hands-on mentality of our team have been crucial in such situations.

Advisory role

The WeGroSan/hmvt team also serves as advisors to insurance companies. Our expertise in infrastructure safety, environmental planning, sustainability, environmental risks, and hazardous substances makes us a reliable partner for various complex issues. We are ready to utilize this knowledge to assist with any matter at hand.

Vision for the short and long term

In cases that require swift action, the WeGroSan/hmvt team can respond promptly. Furthermore, all the knowledge we gather in these situations can be of great value in preventing future emergencies. We are eager to share our acquired knowledge with insurance companies whenever it is needed.

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