Oil companies

Over the years, WeGroSan/hmvt has become a reliable partner for oil companies. Our dedicated professionals have expertise in both remediation of contaminated soil and its prevention. We have successfully implemented liquid-tight flooring solutions for various tank farms across large surface areas. Additionally, we have been responsible for comprehensive remediation concepts in numerous cases involving soil contamination. Whatever your issue may be, the experts at WeGroSan/hmvt are here to assist you.

Soil protection

Business activities involving chemical substances require careful soil protection measures. WeGroSan/hmvt can provide you with solutions for soil protection at any scale. Leveraging our knowledge and experience, we work in a time and cost-efficient manner, allowing you to carry on with your operations uninterrupted. After completion, we remain involved in the project as an inspection and maintenance partner.

Remediation work

WeGroSan/hmvt has a team of experts with extensive experience in investigating and remediating contaminated soil. When dealing with soil contamination, swift and careful action is essential. Throughout the investigation and implementation phases, we maintain constant communication with you to ensure the best possible outcome. We can also provide guidance in dealing with (government) authorities.

Pipeline infrastructure

Both above-ground and underground pipelines and cables are crucial infrastructure components for your company, and at WeGroSan/hmvt, they are in good hands. In the past, we have been involved in complex challenges and large- and small-scale networks of pipes, conduits, and sewers. Safety and quality are paramount in our approach.

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