Private market

WeGroSan/hmvt offers time and cost-saving solutions on both large and small scales. Soil contamination and protection come in various forms and sizes, and our team adapts to each project to find the best solution. Whether you're looking for soil remediation, soil protection measures, waste purification, or the installation of underground tanks, we are here to help. Contact us to explore the possibilities.

Advice, design, construction, and maintenance

We can assist you with a wide range of projects at every stage. Whether you need advice or comprehensive construction services, we are ready to support you. We can also remain involved even after a project is completed, offering tailored multi-year maintenance plans or regular inspections.

Always a solution

No matter what your challenge is, we have an expert who can help. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum, including real estate development, soil protection and remediation, spatial planning, as well as advice on legal matters or insurance issues.

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