Soil Remediation

Soil remediation may be necessary when soil contamination poses ecological risks. Often, a soil investigation takes place when land is being repurposed. WeGroSan is an experienced partner in soil investigation and remediation in any situation and guarantees proper execution.

Successful remediation always starts with good preparation. After identifying any contamination, we carefully assess the situation, taking into account the wishes and requirements of all stakeholders. What needs to be done, by whom, and within what timeframe? WeGroSan provides answers to all these questions.

Tank Remediation

The remediation of an above- or underground tank may be necessary if the tank is decommissioned or located in an area that requires remediation. WeGroSan cleans the tank according to all applicable standards for the situation. After cleaning, the tank contents are disposed of at an authorized processing facility following relevant guidelines.

PFAS Remediation

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are synthetic chemicals that can, in some cases, end up in the soil. Remediation may be necessary in such instances. WeGroSan has extensive knowledge of PFAS and the necessary steps to take when elevated PFAS levels are detected in the soil. This often begins with a thorough soil investigation, followed by a tailored expert solution.

Temporary Water Treatment

At WeGroSan, you can rely on us for temporary water treatment systems. Utilizing a temporary (mobile) purification installation may be necessary for various reasons, such as maintenance on your permanent treatment facility. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities; we always have a customized solution.

Semi-Permanent Installations

We also provide purification installations of a semi-permanent nature on industrial sites. In all cases, we deliver customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of each situation. Contact us to explore the possibilities.

At WeGroSan, all these areas of expertise are housed under one roof. This means having a single partner who works quickly and efficiently, communicates clearly, and takes care of the project from start to finish. Throughout the entire process, safety, sustainability, and the protection of local flora, fauna, and soil are important considerations.

WeGroSan specializes in:

  • Design development and obtaining necessary permits.
  • Soil investigation and remediation.
  • Demolition of existing structures if required.
  • Installation of pipelines, electrical systems, and sewage.
  • Construction of buildings and canopies.
  • Installation of fuel tanks, charging stations, hydrogen tanks, and solar panels.
  • Installation of liquid-tight floors.
  • Preparation for use.
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